Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Residual Traces

The Troika Editions show Residual Traces at Photofusion, London deals with the camera as record of contemporary history. An era is captured either through direct visual clues or inherently within the process itself. 
No clumsy inclusion of aesthetic b/w reportage here, all the images are in glorious unwieldy color. It is a discussion of the timeline unique to photography, “immediate nostalgia’ Sontag called it. 
Bridget Coaker from Troika Editions has brought together works by established and less known photographers in a sentimental reflection on a toxic and troubled landscape, now erased by the ambition of the London 2012 Olympics. We are left to reflect on the space that inspired artists and residents alike.

This is a discussion about the legacy of landscape, culture and photography, we are the future audience looking back at our immediate past and reflecting on what we loose as we inevitably evolve and change.

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