Tuesday, 11 November 2014


On Thursday 13 November to 20 P H others expect to each and everyone in the art gallery Serendipia on street of Infante 3 in the neighborhood of the letters in the heart of Madrid for the opening of ' impermeables '.

An exhibition of collective comisariada by Abell azcona that counts with the artists of the fourteen countries are different. A vision, in relation to The inability to feel. Love, Sexuality, fear, abandonment, abuse, child or happiness. Memories and experiences in skin that make raincoat it itself and to the very otherness.

Artists of Guatemala, the United States, China, Russia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain, Holland, Israel, Germany, Italy, Colombia and Panama gathered around the impermeabilidad, The PsycHopathy, fear and the inaccesibilidad show us a means of the Photograph, performance art, the installation and videoarte his vision inviting the audience to penetrate the staff and what is prohibited.

Showing an image from the FAT series (below).
Image_EPV00116, Woman with Sofa and House Plant, from series FAT
© Richard Ansett 2014

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