Thursday, 25 December 2014

We are all subordinate.

Christmas Day Letter to IZOLYATSIA Foundation

Dearest all,

my joy at seeing everyone from IZO in Paris last week was tempered by the reminder of why we were all gathered. I was particularly moved by the subtitles on the video screens flashing up the tragic and small minded archetypes of subversion shared by both fascists and Communists thoughout history, opinions and passions expressed from the mouths of these very dangerous mental children. How easy it is to become so lost from reality in the construction of our own worlds.

As I listened to your story (I feel like saying ‘our’ story) and as I spoke to all your collaborators about the personal affect this is having on their lives, I could sense the widening fracture in Ukrainian minds; the delineation of two intractable ideas; a further widening of the two halves that make up the whole personality through the recidivistic pressures of external vested interests. A schizophrenia only leading to self harm. Can we be ambivalent and above the raging masses and empathise with the whole, both natures within the same personality? I have always been fascinated by this complexity of character reflected in a nationalism; that which is tearing us apart is the instrument of our strength as it is with myself and how I found great peace and inspiration in the development of works in 2011.

Everyone is being so brave I feel very connected to you all and I am proud to be part of your organisation through engagement and continued support.

To those of you who celebrate Christmas I send warm greetings and here’s to something greater appearing from the chaos in 2015.

kindest regards, love and best wishes,

Richard Ansett

'We are all subordinate' © Richard Ansett 2014
'Ethical uncertainty in the righteous' © Richard Ansett 2014

'This is not art and it cannot be art' © Richard Ansett 2014

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