Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Beyond Contemporary Art

Ansett's surreal photos explore the myths of documentary image making, calling into question the assumed complicity between photographer and subject. Ansett often restructures his subjects environments using tools such as dislocation and unfamiliarity, which in turn, shed light on narratives that would have otherwise remained hidden...His work obsessively explores the interplay between a subject's environment, history and identity...which destabilises the viewers notions of reality and authenticity.
Images such as Woman in Backyard with Rocking Horse, convey a sense of both sympathy and repulsion whilst highlighting the weaknesses of the human condition. Woman with Electrode Cap #1 both celebrates the incessant progress...and the sterile coldness of technology. This ambivalence generates a stunning image and composition...that is challenging, evocative and impossible to ignore.

'Beyond Contemporary Art' by Etan Ilfield

Review from We Make Money Not Art

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